How to Avoid Foreclosure in Shasta County, Cottonwood 96022

Start out going southwest on Civic Center Dr toward Cypress Ave.
Take the 1st left onto Cypress Ave.
Merge onto I-5 S toward Sacramento.
Take the Gas Point Rd exit, EXIT 664.
Keep left to take the ramp toward Balls Ferry Rd/County Hwy-A17.
Turn left onto Gas Point Rd.
Gas Point Rd becomes 4th St.
Turn left onto Locust St.
Cottonwood, Shasta County, CA, US, 3585 LOCUST ST is on the right.

We don't want to work with just anybody. We want to work with someone who, because of their current situation, NEEDS to sell their house quickly. These are typically the type of situations that end up being thankful for reaching out to us:


Facing California Foreclosure: If you are currently upside down on your home, and you'd like to talk to someone about shore sales, or you'd just like to let the house go, I want to talk to you. I will help navigate you through a foreclosure, and if you decide to work with me, you'll be happy you did, because we can get the house sold and out of your way so that you can move on with bigger and better things in your life!


Divorce: No one likes going through a divorce; it's hard enough already, because dividing assets is one thing, but you can't divide a home: you can only sell it. Let me help you in that process so it's as smooth of a transition as possible. 


Moving: So you just landed a new job and you need to move, but you also need to sell your house quickly. Traditional methods may take too long for your liking. Let me handle this for us. We can negotiate a price we both agree on, and then it's a deal: days from when we shake hands, you'll have your check for your property.


Inheritance: Let's say you just inherited this property, and you really don't want to put in the time, money, or effort in fixing it up. If you're looking for a cash offer, and a closing within 30 days, you've come to the right place.


How We Work

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